Arka Digital


Bloomr is a start-up company looking to create a social media platform focussed on helping people and ideas develop and grow through collaboration, online learning and mentorship. Arka was tasked with creating a full brand identity for the company, as well as a pre-launch landing page and user-interface design for the full website.


The Bloomr brand is underpinned by a number of key philosophies, aiming to give a congruent representation of Bloomr’s values, goals and target audience. Bloomr blends several different themes, with a focus on simplicity and accessibility while maintaining a wide range of functionality by blending modern technologies. Bloomr also brings an innovative approach to learning and development; aiming to reframe the industry with a youthful, trendy edge.
Keywords: Clean, Modern, Punchy, Sharp, Edgy, accessible


As a budding start-up, a landing page is essential – for bloomr, the landing page accomplishes several goals: It serves as a place for prospective members to gain an introduction the project – a space that allows more of a story to be told than through an advert, on social media for example. The landing page also acts as the beginning of a funnel, giving visitors the option to subscribe to follow the progress of the project, after which they will recieve a greeting, followed by a questionnaire with questions carefully selected to give bloomr further insight of their prospective members.

The landing page was designed around two main priorities: function & branding. Carrying through the branding to all levels of a project is essential in gaining trust and credibility, as such, the page was created with bloomr’s branding keywords in mind. This philosophy allows the required functions to be expressed through a specific and defined lens, creating a consistent and congruent experience for the audience.



The final stage of the process required a full graphic design plan for the user interface of the platform. This required careful mapping of the desired features of the platform, in order to design a framework that fulfilled bloomr’s range of innovative functions while maintaining bloomr’s principles of simplicity and accessibility. This was done while maintaining aesthetic consistency with the branding of the project through graphics, photography, iconography & typography.